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Obzor resort

Obzor is a relatively new resort, which each year attracts more and more tourists who want to spend their vacation in Bulgaria, away from bustle and noise of the big resorts.
Obzor is a picturesque town, which stretches along the coast for several kilometers, located 60 km from Bourgas and 65 km from Varna. Nearest neighbor of Obzor is the town of Byala. Both are ideal for summer holidays in Bulgaria.

Obzor is one of the most unique places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, such as Sveti Vlas. Located at the foot of Stara Planina Mountain it has a special microclimate - a combination of mountain and sea air, which has a beneficial effect on the human respiratory system, and facilitating the proper rest. Obzor also attracts tourists with the possibility of exploring the age-old coniferous forests, where you can admire the small mountain waterfalls, streams and springs. It is not just an ordinary vacation in Bulgaria, but a whole adventure!
The sandy beach is with a flat surface with no sudden drops in depth, which is extremely favorable for a safe holiday. Its length is almost identical to the length of the city. Along the beach are hotels, new apartment complexes that offer various types of rental apartments for a real holiday in Bulgaria - from studios to two-level apartments.


Obzor has all conditions for a comfortable rest. Beautiful streets, buried in the colors of houses, vineyards and orchards create the atmosphere of a summer mood. Obzor is especially attractive for family holidays in Bulgaria, as well as people who do not like the bustle of big resorts.
In this resort there are many restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros and shops.  Obzor also offers to tourists a huge selection of leather and linen, Bulgarian wines, fresh vegetables and ripe fruit. An important factor is that the prices of all goods and services are lower than the big resorts - Sunny Beach or Golden Sands.
In recent years, the face of Obzor has changed a lot and these are positive in every sense. And the changes are continuing : opening new restaurants, entertainment and shopping centers, nightclubs, construction of new hotels and apartment complexes - from luxury to budget options.
The beach has various rides, water skiing and jet skis, etc. km from Sunny Beach, 11 km from St Vlas, 35 km from Bourgas International Airport, 90 km from the sea capital of Bulgaria - Varna.

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