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Ravda resort  - Ravda

Ravda - small, charming village on the southern coast of Bulgaria, ideal for a holiday in Bulgaria in the first place for its low prices in restaurants and hotels.

Ravda is located only 30 km away from Bourgas International Airport between the village of Aheloy and the old town of Nessebar, the lively and vibrant resort of Sunny Beach is only 10 minutes by bus.

On the territory of Ravda are no large parks and gardens, but the resort is famous for its vineyards and orchards. In the summer the choice of fruits and vegetables in the local market is striking.
The beach in Ravda is divided into several bays: there are places for snorkeling among the sea cliffs and sandy beaches that are comfortable recreation place families with children.

As in any classic small Bulgarian town Ravda has a central area in which are concentrated all the administrative buildings: city hall, bank, post office. Also in the center of the resort there is a hospital, an indoor fitness center, bus stops. From there starts Ravda’s main street, along which you will find numerous cafes, bars, restaurants, small grocery shops and gift shops.
We have to mention about another Ravda dignity - the numerous fish restaurants, where customers are offered a large variety of fresh fish and seafood.
Due to the fact that Ravda is located in close proximity to Nessebar in recent years the pace of development of the resort has accelerated. At the moment there are many new apartment houses that offer holiday apartments for rent and hotels with 4 and 5 stars with good infrastructure and private beaches.
Ravda offers travelers various options for "economy class" apartment accommodation - from the comfortable, private mini-hotels to private houses, apartments for rent  and villas with all amenities.
The resort has sports centers that organize schools for surfing, diving, sailing .Three years ago, a large water park of international level with a variety of attractions for adults and children was built just 10-minute drive from Ravda.
In the evening Ravda offers various nightclubs and bars, including the most popular with Bulgarian contemporary music – Varvari.

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