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Sozopol resort

Sozopol - a small old town with stone streets and ancient houses of the Bulgarian Revival. This city is for those who like to relax in an unusual romantic atmosphere among the ancient architectural monuments and residential houses built in the era of the Bulgarian Revival. Also  a large selection of Sozopol apartments for private rental.


Sozopol is situated south of Bourgas, 35 km from the airport on a picturesque peninsula. In the immediate vicinity of Sozopol is the village of Chernomorets and the indoor club resort Duni.

Sozopol - one of the few seaside towns where there is a unique combination of sea and mountain hills, providing a pleasant coolness in the summer and healthy combination of sea and mountain air. Important natural attraction in Sozopol is Ropotamo River, which locals call "the Bulgarian Amazon”. Walking along the river is a great pleasure for both adults and children. Along the coast Ropotamo grows a large number of rare plants, but a special impression on tourists produces white lilies. Also this nature reserve is home to over 30 species of birds, including storks and pelicans.
In Sozopol There are two main beaches: the city, which is "cut" in to small coves, and a suburban beach “Harmanite”. Beach of Sozopol is the perfect place for families - it is located so that the city closes it against the wind, the sand is white and soft, descending to the sea is without steep changes. Beach Harmanite is more wild, ideal for snorkeling and surfing.

Sozopol was founded in the year 610 BC by the Miletskimi Greeks after the Greek god Apollo. In his honor every year in early September, a creative festival is organized in Sozopol – “Apoloniq”. The city is divided into two parts - historic and contemporary. In the historical part there are a large number of ancient buildings, an ethnographic museum, souvenir shops, a large flee market. In the new part of Sozopol there are hotels, apartments for rent, as well as apartment houses, where in the summer you can rent from a cozy studio to a luxury penthouse. Along the coast of Sozopol are many restaurants and cafes. They are ready to offer the best dishes of Bulgarian and European cuisine. Most of the establishments located in the coastal of Sozopol work around the clock, but if you prefer a national color – you should look away from the beach. Many establishments are of interest not only for their menu, but also the history of their creation.

Sozopol, just like any other seaside town in Bulgaria is famous for its large variety of fish delicacies. Seafood can be bought in almost every restaurant in Sozopol, and there's even a fish bistro, where the fish is grilled or on a pan. And if you want to cook fresh fish, it can be bought from the fishermen on the pier. In addition to fish in the city you can buy a variety of foods, fresh fruits and vegetables - in Sozopol are many grocery stores and small markets spread all across the town.

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