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Sveti Vlas resort

Sveti Vlas

Part of offers - Sveti Vlas - a small cozy town nestled amphitheater wise at the foot of Stara Planina Mountain on the Black Sea coast.
In recent years the town has changed considerably: the major investment and infrastructure renewal define it as a very promising summer center for luxury tourism. There you can find luxury hotels, apartments for rent, restaurants and night clubs.

Sveti Vlas is situated on the north side of a small beautiful bay, 40 km from Bourgas International Airport. In close proximity are Sunny Beach, club resort Elenite, the ancient town of Nessebar. Thanks to the developed ground (buses, taxis) and sea (small boats) transport networks it takes a short time to get from St Vlas to your desired destination.

Sveti Vlas is perhaps the most picturesque resort on the southern Bulgarian coast. From one side the beach is offering spectacular view towards the mountains, on the other - across the bay, the attractions of Nessebar. St. Vlas is also known for its unique microclimate: a combination of sea and mountain air provides the most comfort conditions for people with lung diseases. This is the only place in the region, where the air flow between sea and mountains effectively saturated the air with iodine ions. No coincidences that in St. Vlas are located large number of sanatoriums and children's holiday camps.
The beach in the resort is divided naturally into several bays, comfortable for swimming. The beach in St. Vlas is covered with soft sand; the sea floor is smooth, without abrupt level changes.

At present, St. Vlas can be divided into three parts: the center of the city; the coastal zone near the yacht port Marina Dinevi; the southern part of the resort, almost adjacent to the Sunny Beach resort.
At the heart of St Vlas are concetrated all of the administrative buildings of the city - Mayor's Office, bank, post office. Fairs and city festivals are organized in the central square during the summer. From this part of town also starts the specially designed for tourists eco trails in the mountains, on which you can reach specially designated picnic areas.

Marina Dinevi  - the largest yacht port on the Black Sea has become  the benchmark of St. Vlas, in recent. Many tourists call this part of the resort “Bulgarian Monaco”. In this area of St. Vlas are set many elite restaurants with Italian, Greek, Chinese, French and other cuisine, karaoke bars, nightclub "Planet", stored of world fashion brands. The opportunity to rent a yacht is offered to lovers of cruises.
All offered apartments in Sveti Vlas and located in the newest apartment complex built in the style of the Bulgarian Revival, have an unique atmosphere of unity of ancient and modern stylesand lovely see view.
The southern part of St. Vlas - the newly rebuilt resort area, attracts tourist with the peace and quiet, but at the same time is only 15-20 minutes walk to the waterfront.
Thanks to the comfortable conditions for "luxury" class  recreation, clean air and beautiful beaches , St. Vlas is truly a paradise on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

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