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Top discounted hotels Sunny Beach Bulgaria, DJ Cacao beach parties, and plenty of entertainment options are waiting for all holiday makers who decide to book their Sunny Beach Holiday 2014. Great savings are now possible from booking online hotel in Sunny Beach summer 2014. The money that are... [...]
  The summer holiday looks to be poor if it is related only to the apartment rent in Sunny Beach or good reservation done in some of the seaside resorts. The summer vacation is an emotion, correlated with the sun, the joy and the beauty.   Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Ravda and even Burgas... [...]
  This summer, not only residents of the seaside resorts, but also their guests will be able to feel the atmosphere of ancient history and to enjoy the magnificence of the treasures of Bulgaria.   Last Friday, at the evening, at the Cultural Centre „Maritime Casino“of... [...]
    On Friday the traditional dance of nestinars drew many locals, Bulgarian and foreign tourists , as well officials in the small village of Bulgari.   The Day of Saints Constantine and Helen and related to it ritual dance of nestinars is the most celebrated holiday in the... [...]
  Between July 30 and August 6 2011 the Bulgarian seaside resort Sunny Beach will host the 10th edition of the Solar Summer Festival.   Dutch DJ and record musician Tiesto has accepted the invitation from the Bulgarian Yalta Club and will start the party on July 30 at 11pm at Cacao... [...]
  After more than 20 years, Bulgaria has restored passenger trips in the Black Sea.   From early June, passenger hydrofoil ships called "Comet" will again offer to tourists trips between Sozopol and Golden Sands.   Catamarans were purchased two months ago in Greece. Although... [...]
  Underwater fishing is becoming more popular in Bulgaria over the past few years. In our country it has a relatively short history which begans its development in 1952. At that time it was difficult to procure equipment, which was one of main factors for the limited number of practitioners.... [...]
  In the southern slopes of Stara Planina, in the remainder of a pine forest is an oasis nestled in nature, Bulgaria's only open air museum "Bee-keeping from ancient times until today, Kirov“.   The apiary museum is located a kilometre west of the resort of Sunny Beach, near the... [...]
If there is a contest "Best of Beach Bulgaria", Reserve Ropotamo will undoubtedly be one of the nominees for top positions. The reserve is located 50 km south of Burgas and only 5 km north of the town Primorsko.   The site area represents part of the reserve Ropotamo. It is also one of the... [...]
  Archaeologists excavating the Domini Castrum (castle of the lord) and the church “St. Apostles” in the imperial monastery in Sozopol found a coins' treasure from the ancient Latin times.   Revealed are 55 silver and copper coins so far, but may become more during... [...]
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